RIVERBUG – 03 HOURS ESPOLON RIVER CLASSIC TOUR – – 03 HOURS ESPOLON RIVER FAMILY TOUR- RIVERBUG, UNIQUE IN CHILE AND SOUTH AMERICA Is an ideal activity for the family and especially for younger children. The Riverbugs are very versatile, … Read More


TOURING KAYAKING – 04 HOURS TOUR EN LONCONAO LAKE – – 5 1/2 HOURS TOUR EN ESPOLON LAKE – TOURING KAYAKING BY AMAZING LAKES This outdoor activity takes place on the lakes Lonconao and Espolón and due to the versatility, … Read More


FAMILY FLUCTUATION – 03 HOURS TOUR – $35/USD people ESPOLON RIVER DIFFICULTY – LOW 3 HOURS ALL AGES $45/USD people FUTALEUFU RIVER DIFFICULTY – LOW 3 HOURS ALL AGES Take a boat with your family This activity is designed for … Read More


ZIPLINE – 03 HOURS TOUR – $45/USD people 03 hours DIFFICULTY – LOW 3 HOURS 06 YEARS MIN Fly Between Bushes on Native Forest In this experience you will release the adventurous spirit and feel that you are flying. Ziplining … Read More


CANYONING – 03 HOURS TOUR – $50/USD people 03 hours DIFFICULTY – LOW 3 HOURS 12 YEARS MIN Canyoning inside Patagonian Forest Enjoy the adventure of exploring forests using ropes to descend through waterfalls – an unforgettable experience! Close to … Read More


FLY FISHING – 1/2 DAY or FULL DAY TOUR – $325/USD – 2 people 1/2 DAY TOUR DIFFICULTY – MEDIUM 4 HOURS 12-70 AGE $400/USD – 2 people FULL DAY TOUR DIFFICULTY – MEDIUM 8 HOURS 12-70 AGE Fly fishing … Read More


MOUNTAIN BIKE TOURS 03 DIFFERENT TOURS WITH ATONISHING LANDSCAPES BOOK NOW ! CIRCUIT 1: Espolón River We will ride in the middle of the forest, bordering a lagoon, observe the majestic waters of the Futaleufú River and enjoy a booby … Read More


HORSEBACK – CALAFATE CIRCUIT 1/2 DAY TOUR – BOOK THIS ! $100/USD – person BOOK EXPERIENCE DIFFICULTY – MODERATED 3 to 4 HOURS 12-70 AGE The activity starts at the Espolón lake bridge, with local guides and fully equipped horses. … Read More


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