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Why MAPU ?

From the ancient language of MAPUCHES, MAPU means LAND. These people really care on the quality of the food, without the usage of chemicals, pharmaceutics, and they protect deeply the power of environment. For us it's a place we want to protect and care so we can be the more sustainable as possible. Planting, respecting time, respecting neighbors, respecting visitors. We care about what we eat, where the food comes from. The balance between BODY, MIND & SOUL are the real success in life.

Our Story

We wanted to reconnect. We wanted to change from a huge city, busy and make a healthy balance being able to recharge full batteries. We found this piece of land. Where clock runs differently. Where difficulties give us strength. We arrived here in 2014 and since then we've been working on the project, upgrading infrastructure, building our cabins, planting in our organic garden and learning from the land. Since the beginning things has been happening naturally to put this landmark and being able to share lots of stories and knowledge for people who really want this connections. We built this Lodge to connect people from all over the world with the same intention: share knowlegde and experiences

What We Do

We wanted to build a place that bonds these three elements. We organize some different workshops yearly, trying to instigate and communicate to people who are thirsty for information and for real connections. We invite great names to share knowledge, experience and inspiration to our visitors. Weekly workshop programs, exclusive experiences, we're always updating our schedule. Activities, classes, talks and discussions, cooking, planting, camping and much more. We want to incentivate your lifestyle someway. It's possible, it's necessary !

Our Mission

Being able to keep protecting and living with a better meaning of life. Applying simple steps, learning from local people and also sharing with local people some other possibilities. Showing them we're all connected and that we must keep taking care of this place.

Who We Are ?

Gustavo Zylbersztajn

With a great photography career he's created a magical connection with this place and wants to share his knowledge in some cool workshops. A lifetime project he's managing with his heart.


He's our mentor and general manager who helps getting everything organized and updated. He's travelled all 5 continents and has chosen Patagonia to be his home place.

Patricia Beck

After her 20 years working as a model she's chosen to apply a sustaible life as a rule for her and her family. She's been putting her energy between her kids and also curating projects inside MAPU.


It's said that WE ARE WHAT WE EAT . That's why we give so much importance to the quality of the food we eat. Our garden and greenhouse was created to supply fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs for all seasons. We spend much work and energy during all over year. So we invite our guests to colaborate with us !

Some Interesting Spots Around Us

Andes Mountains

We're in a valley surrounded by these mountains. Amazing sunsets and the sound of silence as never seen before.

Rio Futaleufu

A local famous river, one of the best rivers around the world to practice rafting and kayaking.

Carretera Austral

These long road links mountains and pampas. Receives hundreds of adventures to explore its long way.

Termas Puyuhuapi

Natural hot springs facing southern fiordes at a cozy and rustic enviroment. 3 hours drive from us.

Pumalin Park

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La Hoja

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