Choose the best way that suites better for you.

There are some options to arrive in Futaleufú

A. Through Santiago, Chile

B. Through Buenos Aires, Argentina

C. Through Bariloche, Argentina



Santiago > Puerto Montt: plane

Puerto Montt > Chaiten: plane  or ferry  or car

Chaiten > Futaleufú: car

Take a plane from Santiago to Puerto Montt. It takes 1h45 and there are three airlines: Latam , Sky and JetSmart

From Puerto Montt you can go to Chaiten by plane

It´s a 45 minutes flight in a plane for less than 20 people. This is already a tour! You will be able to see some volcanos and the fjords. The view is amazing!

Arriving in Chaiten you can rent a car. You will drive on Carretera Austral for 2h30      to 3h. It is a beautiful road! And then you will be in Futaleufú!

From Puerto Montt to Chaiten by ferry

You can rent a car in Puerto Montt and take the ferry to Chaiten. It´s a 9 hours trip across the Pacific Ocean.

You can do this trip from Monday to Saturday with Naviera Austral

From Puerto Montt to Chaiten by car

You can also drive to Chaiten! At three points of this trip you will have to take the ferry. So we call it “bimodal”. It’s a gorgeous trip, facing the fjords and driving on the entrance of Carretera Austral. 




From Buenos Aires there is a flight to Esquel by Aerolineas Argentinas. 

It takes 2h flight

Esquel is the closest city to Futaleufu in the argentinian side.

Arriving in Esquel you will cross the border by land.  1h30 to 2h driving and land border control.

You can either rent a car or get a transfer.




If you haven´t been to Bariloche yet, this can be a good opportunity to visit this city!

In Bariloche you can rent a car and drive to Futaleufú. It will take you around six hours driving. 

You will have a beautiful view of the Andes on this road. Also, you can visit some places on the way.

This route is Bariloche > El Bolson > Esquel > Futaleufu.

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